Wednesday, September 06, 2006

This Real Estate Market is Killing Me!

This post earns $2.50 for the American Red Cross!

Everything - and by that I mean the all-inclusive every-damn-thing - here is selling at a $20,000 premium. The comps say X, the actives are all at X + $20,000, and the asks are getting hit faster than I can figure out a way to make a reasonable offer! How the heck are these folks getting appraisals? If there's any truth to the bubble bursting, I'm gonna clean up after these quick-draws. If not, well, I'll still be a dirt-poor investor.

Dad bought a nice place in Arizona. His wife pressured him into an emotion-fueled HIGH price, while he could do nothing but complain to me how Scottsdale real estate was tanking.

At least they've got a nice pool.


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