Monday, July 02, 2007

Corey Maye, who attempted to repel invaders in his home remains in jail on a life sentence. Maye, who apparently wasn't master of his castle when the Sheriff's son broke in, has gotten the "break" of no longer being on death row. He should consider himself lucky he didn't suffer Kathryn Johnston's fate.

Canadian Stephen Lawrence faces five years in jail for founding the Internet payment processor Neteller PLC after being kidnapped by US Marshalls in January 2007. His co-founder, John Lefebvre, who hasn't been with the company since 2005, still faces charges.

Almost a year after his kidnapping, David Carruthers remains under house arrest in St. Louis. He and Gary Kaplan will face testimony against them from their own company, BetOnSports PCL, for the same reason Lawrence plead guilty - so their customers could get their funds.

But, hey, Scooter's free, so I guess everything else is OK.

On a totally related note, read Lysander Spooner's No Treason.

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