Friday, November 17, 2006

More Money Mean More Power

The Pentagon is set to ask congress for $127-160 billion for the Iraq war, over and above the $378 billion already approved. This is great news! The only logical conclusion is, the Pentagon immediately recognized the wisdom of the Consumer Goods Bomb!

Follow me through: to date, we've spent $343 billion on the war. We have appropriated $378 billion, so $35 billion of that remains. Add $160 billion from this request, and the Pentagon will have $195 billion with which to win the war. Divide $195 billion by the 5.2 million households in Iraq. The result is $37,500 per household.

That just happens to be the cost of a Consumer Goods Bomb without a car plus a 10% contingency!

To ride the wave of the coming boom in government spending, I suggest you go long all appliance and auto makers immediately!


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