Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Big Thank-You

A gigantic thank you to Ian & Mark from Free Talk Live for their on-air read of "There Is No War on Drugs". Although I normally listen to the podcast the day after the show, I just happened to be listening live that night while I was cleaning out a storage shed. Imagine my surprise to hear words from my little corner of the Internet broadcast live on a nationally-syndicated radio show!

Free Talk Live Podcast - 9/29/07
(.mp3 27.3 MB)

Free Talk Live has enjoyed a permanent spot on my "kick-ass podcasts" list from (I believe) the beginning of this blog. I'm certainly not alone in my admiration - FTL has won the Podcast Awards' "Best Political Podcast" award 3 years in a row!

But, Free Talk Live is much more than a podcast. In a little more than four years, Ian Bernard has taken Free Talk Live from an experiment in local content on a radio station in Sarasota, FL to a nationally-syndicated show broadcast on 29 affiliates nationwide. TALKERS magazine has listed FTL in their "TALKERS 250" for two years in a row. It seems like every month I get an email from Ian telling me that two more stations are carrying Free Talk Live.

Ian & Mark, along with day hosts Gardner Goldsmith, Wayne, Toby, Nick, and Julia broadcast Monday through Saturday from 7-10 ET. They also stream the show live.

The Free Talk Live website has the last year of the show archived, its own wiki, and the only forum (the BBS) worth participating in on the entire Internet. The cost to you? Free!

Oh, and the only presidential candidate with the cajones to go live with Mark & Ian? That'd be Ron Paul! (.mp3 4.4 MB)

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