Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Drag Racing

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I've never thought of myself as a race fan. I've always liked to fly low and fast, I love working on mechanical things, and appreciate the sheer lunacy of spending that much money just for the thrill of it, but I've still never had the patience for NASCAR, IRL, or NHRA. During my annual pilgrimage to see the World's Fastest Motorsport this year, however, it occurred to me that maybe I AM a race fan.

Since the airplanes were going as fast as they were going to go with pistons and props, I've spent the last couple of years designing and building engines - from scratch, from billets I've poured. This summer, however, the attention turned to performing undetectable mods to 50cc Comers to help a friend's kid gain an edge in Kid Karts. I stared raptly as my partner in crime dumped a ton of money into a 135 inch motor for his Dyna - to race. I nodded appreciatively as that same guy picked up an 11-second Camaro - to race. It all hit home as I stood among the pit crews readying their airplanes for the next day's races, and got regular updates from the drag strip as the Camaro inched below 11 seconds - I guess I am a race fan.

There're worse things. An all day marathon of PINKS followed by the premier of PINKS All Out on Speedtv isn't one of them (November 23). Drag Racing Clips

Update: Pinks video for your watchy pleasure!


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