Monday, May 28, 2007

Dog Biscuits

Sunday night dog blogging just torques me. I want to see real news and opinion, not pictures of people's damn dogs. But...

There's always a "but" isn't there.

I recently fed my meathead some new biscuits. Nothing new there, she gets training treats and an occasional pig's ear. But, these were different. Fresh baked.

Who the heck would be so enamored with their dog to actually bake for them? The Mrs. No kidding - she won't bake for me, but she felt it necessary to bake for the dog. Lucky for her, the dog actually digs her cooking.

That's the wrong way to put it. The dog freakin' LOVES her cooking! I've never seen a hound drooling and begging for more like this. Anyone with greyhounds knows that they whine and steal food, but begging isn't in their blood.

Offhandedly, I suggested that there might be a business opportunity available for her in baking for dogs. Actually, it was a smartass remark that ended up taken seriously. The next thing I know, there's a whole menu of dog and cat treats and the inevitable website. (has there ever been a more fitting url?) has the entire menu as well as clothing, collars, leads, and toys.

Next time, I'll just keep my mouth shut!

It gets worse for me. Now, she's got me working on Squidoo lenses with dog health care advice, cat health care advice, and gifts for dog lovers.

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