Thursday, February 10, 2011

Real American Heroes

Inspired by Don Boudreaux's "Cleaned by Capitalism" series and an unfortunate remark delivered by John McCain during the 2008 Republican presidential debates, I've posted the first installment of what I hope to be a fun series of articles on Freedom's Phoenix, Real American Heroes.

The first installment features one of America's lynchpins that I have never seen given a fraction of the recognition they deserve, grocers.

The grocer, a Real American Hero, is the public face of a long line of millions of strangers from around the world who, pursuing their own self interests, truly enable the American standard of living.


All this is done to satisfy customers from every class, color, creed and occupation who, in turn, freed from the necessity to hunt, fish and farm to provide a basic, precarious level of sustenance for their families, can spend their precious time in pursuit of their own self self interests.

Unlike McCain, I find the idea of measuring success by "patriotism, not profit" to be ideologically disgusting and practically nonsensical. Say all you want about displacement and buoyancy, the only thing that makes an aircraft carrier float is the profit generated by productive Americans.

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