Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tripoli Gets New Zoning Commission

For reasons unknown, pawns of would-be benevolent rulers of the Transitional National Council (they have a president AND a prime minister!) and The Libya Stabilization Committee have stormed a park in Tripoli, spawning victory celebrations throughout the cartographic region known as Libya.

I fully understand the desire to be rid of their eccentric dictator and his cronies. 41 years is a bit long, even for such a snappy dresser, to be calling the shots.

What is mystifying, to me anyway, is the rush to forget the past 41 years and rush into a new set of corrupt state actors.

Oh, and the symbolism! You can't miss that. Flag waving, dancing on Quadffi's posters, taking Green Square (and promptly renaming it Martyrs' Square), chanting. Yee-hee-hee.

Not content to sit idly by, US talking heads are happy to opine that their own dictator should not now be the target of trial for the high crime of using the Navy and Air Force as his personal goon squad because, you know, he won!

Except, as we've been repeatedly reassured, he didn't because this was a NATO action. Led by an American. It's all very confusing.

Maybe Quadaffi's spokes-bureaucrats could get together with Obama's spokes-bureaucrats and let us know what the official line is. Baghdad Bob can consult. NATO spokes-bureaucrats are already distancing themselves from the charge of being the rebels' personal air force.

Meanwhile the International Criminal Court burst the bubble in Benghazi, somewhat, by announcing the Libyan Transitional Stablization Whatever cannot be trusted to conduct their own criminal trials, but must turn over Quadaffi's kids for an international show trial.

Still no word on when the ICC will demand George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the CIA torturers stand trial. Hunh.

Well, congratulations, I guess, go to the rebels demanding more of the same in Libya. It's too late for August elections like in Egypt (oh, wait...) but I'm sure you know what you want and will eventually get it good and hard.